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Our company ZAO «AgroPromSelMash» has produced and sold an agricultural machinery
and spare parts for them for over 20 years.

It is typical for us to maintain a quality and reliability which are achieved through
the experience of many generations of agricultural machinery manufacturers due to
the last years work of technical improving of our manufacture, and searching of
construction’s new decisions, improving of the technology of the manufacturing,
upgrading of staff qualification.

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2-Row Tractor-Mounted Potato Digger KTN-2VM
1-Row Tractor-Mounted Potato Digger KTN-2VM

2-Row Tractor-Mounted Potato Digger KTN-2VM

KTN-2VM is a 2-row tractor-mounted potato digger and is intended for potato excavation, tubers partial separation from the soil and tubers laying on field
surface for their further picking up. A triangular beater is set on the potato digger. Soil layer is exposed crumbling while transitioning to the beater because
of tractor forward speed and bitter peripheral speed difference. It facilitates elevators work and makes better separation.

Characteristics Parameter point
1 Typemounted
2 Capacity for basic time, ha per hour0,25-0,47
3 Capacity for operation time, ha per hour0,17-0,32
4 Operation speed, km/h 1,8-3,4
5 Transport speed, km/h, max16
6 Operation width, m1,4
7 Digging depth, cm to 25
8 Overall dimensions, mm, max
- length
- width
- height

9 Dimensions in transport position, mm, max:
- length
- width
- height

10 Mass with set of spare parts and tools, kg, max756